We’re launching our ESD Baseline community!

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During our first ESD Baseline User Event October 25th 2017, we also launched our ESD Baseline community! A community not only for those who already use Easy Software Deployment, but also for potential new users and other interested parties. Basically, we welcome everyone to join our community! 🙂 After the launch of the ESD Baseline community during the ESD Baseline event, we already received enthusiastic responses from our first community members, check out the movie below!



Yvonne van Zummeren, Marketing Manager at Provolve IT: “Through the ESD Baseline community, Provolve IT wants to provide community members with the opportunity to request peer-to-peer support, report bugs and feature requests and share experiences on both Easy Software Deployment as well as application packaging and deployment in general. On the other hand, for us it’s a way to offer an improved customer experience, being able to quickly roll out new updates or share other news and also to receive immediate and valuable feedback.”


Join the ESD Baseline Community!


Why join the ESD Baseline community?

In the ESD Baseline community we encourage everyone who joins to talk about Easy Software Deployment and all related activities, work, interests and other topics in relation to it. This can include, but is not limited to, things like Application Management, Application Packaging, Virtualization, Software Deployment (of course 🙂 ), Scripting (vbs, Powershell, cmd/batch, etc.) and tips and tricks on how to effectively deploy and manage your applications.

There are currently 6 channels you automatically join when signing up: #bugs, #featurerequests, #general, #news,#product and #support. Do you miss a channel to talk about something else? That idea of yours warrants a new channel? Please let us know and we will look into it!


We are absolutely looking forward to welcoming you in our ESD Baseline community!


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