Why Easy Software Deployment is so much better than all the other software deployment tools.

There are several software deployment tools available, but in our opinion, they all lack many options. None of them is complete. So we built our own software deployment tool: Easy Software Deployment. It’s the best, easiest, cheapest and most complete software deployment tool out there. Developed for and by application specialists.

In case you’d like to learn exactly how Easy Software Deployment compares to other software deployment tools like Altiris, Active Directory, SCCM and PDQ Deploy, please click below on the specific software for an extensive comparison. For a quick overview, have a look at our Comparison Matrix and for the full recap, check out the Comparison Summary.

Active Directory
PDQ Deploy


As an alternative to Microsoft’s SCCM, companies might use Symantec’s Altiris for software deployment. However, both tools are quite limited compared to Easy Software Deployment. So why settle for less when you can have so much more? Read more on why Easy Software Deployment is so much better than Altiris.


In order to deploy their software, some companies use Active Directory combined with Group Policy Objects (GPO). Mostly because Active Directory and GPO are already functioning within the company network; there’s no need to install any new and difficult software. However, what if there is a software out there that would make software deployment SO MUCH easier than Active Directory? Yes there is; Easy Software Deployment! Read plenty of reasons why Easy Software Deployment is better than Active Directory.


The last couple of years, more and more companies decided to choose Microsoft’s SCCM for their software deployment. One of the main reasons is that it’s the only tool on the market that lets you deploy software on an enterprise level. At least, before there was Easy Software Deployment… Implementing and working with SCCM is a very complex and time-consuming task. Discover here why Easy Software Deployment is so much better than SCCM.


PDQ Deploy from PDQ (formerly known as Admin Arsenal) is used by companies to offer software from one central point to Microsoft Windows computers, without using an agent. When it comes to software deployment, PDQ Deploy operates quite similar to Symantec Altiris and Microsoft SCCM. However, its possibilities are very limited, compared to Easy Software Deployment. Here you’ll read why Easy Software Deployment is better than PDQ Deploy.

We’re sure we convinced you that Easy Software Deployment is the best choice!