Why Easy Software Deployment is so much better than Active Directory.

In order to deploy their software, some companies use Active Directory combined with Group Policy Objects (GPO). Mostly because Active Directory and GPO are already functioning within the company network; there’s no need to install any new and difficult software. However, what if there is a software out there that would make software deployment SO MUCH easier than Active Directory? Yes there is; Easy Software Deployment! Below are plenty of reasons why Easy Software Deployment is better than Active Directory. This will help you make the best choice.

Active Directory
Active Directory
Active Directory


Next to the limited options Active Directory has as to at which moment you can deploy the software, there’s also no option to schedule software deployments. Easy Software Deployment does offer this option to schedule specific software deployments. This saves a lot of time for both the IT department as for all other employees.


Unfortunately, Active Directory does not support the software installation methods APP-V, ThinApp or even .EXE. AD won’t offer you any assistance if you don’t know what kind of commands an installation method requires. Easy Software Deployment uses a wizard to automatically add the right commands for the installation methods msi, App-V and ThinApp. Also, the following executable files are supported in general: vbs, ps1, cmd, bat, msi, exe.Whatever you prefer! And we keep on adding new techniques.


Deployment from an Active Directory GPO can only be done while logging in or out a session. During the installation of the software with AD, one cannot perform other tasks at the computer. However, with Easy Software Deployment you can deploy the software on demand whenever you want. Another significant advantage is that Easy Software Deployment runs in the background, which means the employee can keep on focusing on their own duties.

Active Directory
Active Directory
Active Directory


Individual users have no overview on which software (updates) are available or when the installations or updates will take place. Nor is it possible to give priority to some updates. Easy Software Deployment gives you much more control and insight in the available software (updates) which can be deployed. We even take it a step further and offer much more user control possibilities.


Active Directory has no built in reporting tool for software deployment, so there’s no easy way to get useful summaries of installed software and/or software licenses. But with Easy Software Deployment you can quickly get extensive summaries of both the installed software and the software licenses. And as a bonus, Easy Software Deployment also offers license management.


It is not possible with Active Directory to design your own software installation script, there’s no other way than the given MSI. Easy Software Deployment does offer you the possibility to add your own desired settings without any scripting knowledge, like editing INI-files.

Active Directory
Active Directory
Active Directory


Another option that Active Directory lacks, is the possibility to instantly deploy software. This push option is included in Easy Software Deployment, which gives you the possibility to instantly deploy software in case there is an urgent safety update or virus scanner update.


In case the worst happens, you need the completely re-configure Active Directory and use an extra back up tool. This is not necessary with Easy Software Deployment, where you only need to back up a handful of files. This saves time and money.


Active Directory does not offer you the possibility to manage a user’s start menu, you can not add shortcuts to URL’s or network applications for example. Since this is a useful and much requested feature, Easy Software Deployment helps you to manage shortcuts for end users. No extra tool needed, no extra costs added.

We’re sure we convinced you that Easy Software Deployment is the better choice, compared to Active Directory.