Why Easy Software Deployment is so much better than Altiris.

As an alternative to Microsoft’s SCCM, companies might use Symantec’s Altiris for software deployment. However, both tools are quite limited compared to Easy Software Deployment. Please read below why Easy Software Deployment is so much better than Altiris.



Unfortunately, with Altiris you can only execute deployment jobs per computer. Configurations for end users are therefore not automatically included. Nowadays it often happens that end users use multiple systems, for example, with flexible workspaces. With Altiris, it’s not possible to have their required software automatically available on all systems. With Easy Software Deployment you can choose whether you want to deploy software per computer or per end user (even when they’re not logged into the company network). This offers much more flexibility.


If you don’t know what kind of commands an installation method requires, Altiris will leave you hanging and you could lose a lot of time figuring out how to offer an installation unattended or to remove it. For your convenience, Easy Software Deployment uses a wizard to automatically add the right commands for the installation methods msi, App-V and ThinApp. The following executable files are supported in general: vbs, ps1, cmd, bat, msi, exe.


Like we said before, Altiris is computer based and not user based, which means it’s not possible to offer applications on demand. Easy Software Deployment gives you multiple options on how and when to offer applications to the end user. You can start the installation when the system is started, when the user has logged in and on demand deployment is also possible with Easy Software Deployment.



Software updates are difficult to manage with Altiris. You’ll need to create a new job for every update, which could lead to clutter. With Easy Software Deployment you can easily add a patch to an existing installation, it’s not necessary to prepare a new job and you’ll keep overview on the available software.


Altiris does not have a built in reporting tool, you would need to manually write queries to generate a report. Luckily, Easy Software Deployment offers quick and extensive summaries of both the installed software and the software licenses. We also offer license management as a bonus!


Since Altiris is computer based only, it’s not possible to alter configurations for end users. Alterations within an App-V application are also not possible with Altiris. When you use Easy Software Deployment you can easily alter the configurations for end users, without any scripting knowledge. Even in a virtual environment (App-V), which makes it possible to alter application settings real time.



Instantly deploying software is not possible with Altiris. Easy Software Deployment offers this on demand push option, which makes it possible to instantly deploy software in case there is an urgent safety update or virus scanner update.


Another feature Altiris lacks, is the option to export applications for backup purposes, nor is there a backup tool available. With Easy Software Deployment you only need to back up a handful of files, which will save you plenty of time and money.


With Altiris it is not possible to manage a user’s start menu by adding shortcuts to URL’s or network applications for example. Since this is a useful and much requested feature, with Easy Software Deployment you can manage shortcuts. No extra tool needed, no extra costs added.

We’re sure we convinced you that Easy Software Deployment is the better choice, compared to Altiris.