Why Easy Software Deployment is so much better than all other Software Deployment Tools.

As an IT Service Provider, you want the best for your clients. As an IT Manager, you want the best for your company. You want the best software deployment tool out there. And we have the best. And the easiest, and the cheapest. Easy Software Deployment is so much better than Altiris, Active Directory, PDQ Deploy and even SCCM. In case you have a hard time believing that, we wrote you a summary below, on several important topics. And when we convinced you, request a free 30 day trial to really experience the best software deployment tool Easy Software Deployment yourself! If we didn’t, please drop us a line how we could improve Easy Software Deployment even more, we’re happy to help!


At first, Active Directory and PDQ Deploy might look like the cheapest options amongst all software deployment tools. However, they both lack a lot of features which are either not at all available, or require you to purchase extra tools (PDQ Deploy Pro / Enterprise and Inventory), and then it’s not that cheap anymore… Altiris and SCCM are the most expensive tools, but are also not that complete and easy as Easy Software Deployment. Yes, you read that right: Easy Software Deployment is the most complete, easiest AND cheapest software deployment tool out there! Want more? No problem, we also offer you free on site implementation on the house*! (*Within The Netherlands. Outside The Netherlands we charge only traveling and accommodation costs, still no charge for the implementation itself!)


Since both Altiris and PDQ Deploy are computer based and not user based, it’s not possible to offer applications on demand, nor has the end user any control on how and when their software will be available. Active Directory can only deploy while logging in or out a session and employees won’t be able to perform other tasks at the computer. SCCM not only takes ages to roll out software (you’ll need to choose all sorts of applications, deployment types, deployments, distribution points…), but it’s also very uncertain and slow, one never knows when the installation actually starts. With Easy Software Deployment there’s no waiting, we offer you instant and on demand deployment. Easy Software also runs in the background, so employees can keep on focusing on their own tasks. This saves you a lot of time and money.


All the other software deployment tools, Altiris, PDQ Deploy, SCCM and Active Directory, do not offer a built in reporting tool. Though there are some possibilities with Altiris, SCCM; you would need to manually write queries to generate a report. With PDQ Deploy you’ll need the extra tool PDQ Inventory and also need to construct the queries yourself. Luckily, Easy Software Deployment offers quick and extensive summaries of both the installed software and the software licenses. We also offer license management as a bonus!


There are many different installation methods, each requiring their own commands. This can be quite a hassle to figure out, losing a lot of time. Or some other software deployment tools won’t work with all installation methods available. For example, PDQ Deploy only works with .MSI and .EXE installations, SCCM won’t support .EXE, Active Directory does not support App-V,ThinApp or even .EXE and Altiris won’t offer you any assistance if you don’t know what kind of commands an installation method requires. Easy Software Deployment uses a wizard to automatically add the right commands for the installation methods msi, App-V and ThinApp. Also, the following executable files are supported in general: vbs, ps1, cmd, bat, msi, exe.


Instantly deploying software is a very useful tool, for example in case there is an urgent safety update or virus scanner update. Sadly, this push option is not offered by Altiris, nor by SCCM, nor by Active Directory. It is kind of possible with PDQ Deploy, but not in an easy way. You’ll need to prepare a job for this without any real time feedback. At Easy Software Deployment we strongly believe in the importance (and urgency!) of the possibility to instantly deploy software, so we made it easy for you: simply drag ‘n’ drop an existing installation file.


For every software installation you can choose to deploy this on a computer level or user level. Flexible workspaces are more often used than ever before, which means deploying directly to specific end users has become more important. PDQ Deploy and Altiris don’t offer user based deployment, only Easy Software Deployment, SCCM and Active Directory. With Active Directory, the user can’t perform other tasks during the installation of the software and SCCM is not only extremely difficult but also very slow. Your best option would be Easy Software Deployment so you can choose to either deploy software per computer or per end user (even when they’re not logged into the company network). The flexibility this offers is endless.


With all other software deployment tools, it is difficult to manage software updates and patches. Each small patch or update is considered a separate job (Altiris and PDQ Deploy), application (SCCM) or needs to be done through a GPO (Active Directory), which all eventually will lead to clutter. Easy Software Deployment makes it easy for you to easily add a patch to an existing installation instead of preparing a new job. This way you’ll keep overview on the available software.


Altiris, SCCM and Active Directory don’t have any built in back up tools available and have made it rather complicated and time consuming to re-configure the software, after a loss of data. With SCCM, you’ll also need to re-configure the database. Easy Software Deployment only has a handful of files that you’ll need to back up, which saves you a lot of time and money.


Managing a user’s start menu by adding shortcuts to URL’s or network applications for example is a useful and much requested feature. Unfortunately this is not possible with PDQ Deploy, Altiris, SCCM and Active Directory. At Easy Software Deployment we created a feature where you can manage shortcuts. No extra tool needed, no extra costs added.


Easy Software Deployment is the only tool that lets you easily alter configurations for specific end users AND design installation scripts, without any scripting knowledge. No other software deployment tool out there can do both.

We’re sure we convinced you that Easy Software Deployment is the best software deployment tool.