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Gelukkig, je vond onze Direct Mailing dus toch niet helemaal spam! We zijn blij dat we je interesse dusdanig hebben kunnen wekken dat je meer informatie wil over de lifehack Easy Software Deployment om je productiviteit te verhogen.

Hieronder vind je een overzicht van alle features van Easy Software Deployment, waarvan een selectie te vinden was in de folder. Verder vind je hier een meer uitgebreidere vergelijking van Easy Software Deployment met AD en SCCM, waar eveneens slechts een selectie van in de folder stond. Mocht je nòg meer informatie en enkele testimonials willen lezen, kijk dan ook vooral hier en hier.

En om je tot slot een beter beeld te geven van de software in actie, bekijk het filmpje hieronder!

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Managing installation items is now even safer: set permissions on files, folders and/or the registry to ensure every user gets what is permitted.

Need to manage App-V 5 Connection Groups but don’t want to do it manually or with third party tools? That makes no sense! Let us handle this too.

To virtualize or not to virtualize? Either way we got you covered! Easy Software Deployment supports Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) and VMWare ThinApp.

Since we put the easy in software deployment it’s not needed to repackage or alter the original vendor supplied software. Just use the supplied switches and/or installation mechanisms. No time consuming repackaging projects needed.

Have we mentioned how fast Easy Software Deployment is? Oh I guess we just did! Since it’s lightweight and ultra portable it’s by nature also very fast. From the use of the Manager console to the mechanism of deploying software: in a matter of minutes you can have your software deployed.

You would think all this would come at a cost? Nope! Easy Software Deployment is a low cost solution compared to Microsoft SCCM and Symantec Altiris. Contact us for more information.

Need to backup applications for archival purposes? Using Easy Software Deployment at another geographical site and you want the same installation items to be available there? No problem! You can export installation items as a zip file and easily import them later on. Easy as pie!

Deciding what type of installation to do is not always clear. Don’t worry: we will now guide you through the process of adding installation items. Whether it’s a local install, a virtualized application or a system or user based deployment: we’re there for you! ❤️

Of course you need to be able to manage when certain applications are available. With the Availability Calculator you can calculate what is available to which user(s), group(s) and/or computer(s). Setting an expiry date will allow applications to automatically expire or even uninstall!

Found that application you want to deploy? Just drag and drop it into the Manager Console: BOOM! Imported!

Multiple servers users logon to? Not sure which server they land on? No problemo! ESD now supports Windows Remote Desktop Services (P.K.A. Terminal Services.)

Easy Software Deployment is now easier than ever: with Auto Update the Agents will automatically update themselves!

Easy Software Deployment has been developed for and tested on all Windows versions from Windows XP up to Windows 10 and everything in between including Windows Server versions.

Because Easy Software Deployment is lightweight it’s small in size and ultra portable. Just copy the program to a location of your choosing and off you go.

Easy Software Deployment can handle lots and lots of applications. This means it can get crowded very fast. Luckily you can filter and categorize your installation items so you will always be able to find the application you need.

Everything is handled from the Easy Software Deployment Manager Console. This means one single point of administration for all your applications and computers. We looked at the standard of deployment tools and built upon that to give you a reliable and recgnonizable interface. Just like you’re used to.

You’ve already set up your network, users and computers. Why do that all over again? No need to! Easy Software Deployment integrates with Active Directory for a seamless experience in your existing Microsoft network.

Having all your computers in one place is handy. But being able to manage them with basic tasks like remote control, remote command prompt, remote shutdown commands and more is even handier. Very handy indeed!






Deploy software user based

Deploy software computer based

Schedule software installations

Expire software packages (1)

Set restrictions per software package (2)

User Targeting (3)

Software metering (4)

In-depth Reporting

Active Directory integration


No SQL database / backend needed

Create, manage & configure Start Menu shortcuts

Supports installation scripts (5)

Supports Windows Installer (msi) software packages

Supports legacy setups

Supports App-V (incl connection groups)

Supports ThinApp

Remote Device Management (6)

Supports Windows Remote Desktop Services (fka Terminal Services)

Set security permissions on files, folders and registry

Uses Agent for fully automatic software deployment

Backup/export software packages

Support for all major Windows Client & Server OS’s (including Windows 10)

Automatically adds command line parameters (7)

Categorize and filter software packages

Company branding (8)

Is it EASY?

(1) With auto-uninstall on date/time.
(2) Restrict on OS, memory, disk space, processor architecture + more.
(3) Run software installations at logon, on demand or at system startup.
(4) Usage and max number of licenses to use.
(5) Cmd, bat, Powershell, VbScript.
(6) Reboot, shutdown, cmd box, event viewer, Remote Desktop and Assistance + more.
(7) For almost all types of software packages (legacy setups excluded)
(8) Logo’s in Manager splash screen and Agent screen