There’s a couple things to check. First, make sure the UNC path to the encoded installation list is reachable from the client device by browsing to \serversharelist.ile from the client devices. Also check the registry to see if the path to the installation list was set correctly in key IleFile (HKLMSoftwareEasy Software Deployment). The value should be the correct UNC path (case sensitive).

If you installed the ESD Agent manually or through any other means than ESD itself, make sure you used the correct UNC path and check for case sensitivity. For example: when you set up the Deploy location in the Manager as “\ServerSHAREList.ile” make sure you use it the exact same way when installing the Agent. Pro tip: remotely installing the Agent from the Manager console will take care of this as it will use the Agent MSI with MST file which already has this configuration applied.

If you still want to deploy the Agent through GPO or any other way make sure you use the MST or if installing manually from the command line to use the ILEFILE=”\serversharelist.ile” (if the UNC path contains spaces, use quotes, and of course check the case sensitivity!).

The very last thing to be aware of is that the permissions on the share and NTFS level on the server hosting the share should be set correctly. Please refer to our User Guide on how to set this up.