There are several reasons when there are more licenses used than deployed or predicted:

Scenario 1
You’re actually out of licenses. For example: you have a license for 100 devices, all of them active and used, and the Agent is installed on every one of them.

Scenario 2
You frequently reinstall/reimage devices and old devices don’t get cleared of licenses.

What do I do next?

Scenario 1
In this case, please contact us to upgrade your number of licenses. The Manager will notify you about this between 80 and 100% of licenses used.

Scenario 2
You can clear out unused or old devices from within the Manager console:

If the ESD Agent section in the Manager is not expanded, double click to expand it.

Right-click on Report Directory and click Verify Computers. The Manager will now check against Active Directory and verify if the devices exist.

If there are devices found in the Report share which are not in Active Directory you will get the above dialogue. Click Yes to clear them from the Report share and subsequently clear the licenses.

The above dialogue will show if all devices found in the Report share are also found in Active Directory.