Learn why our customers are very satisfied with Easy Software Deployment and which pain points it solves for them. More to be added soon.

Frank van het Hof, IT manager at school community Ubbo Emmius on Easy Software Deployment

School community Ubbo Emmius has eight locations throughout the province of Groningen. Every day, about 3,000 students walk through our doors. Moreover, we have about 500 employees, from teachers to cleaning staff.

Let it be clear that facilitating an IT environment is quite a task. All the locations are connected to each other through an eVPN connection, but the beating heart can be found in Stadskanaal, on the street Stationslaan. This is where I meet Frank to find out how Easy Software Deployment has helped him with his work.

Frank: “About ten years ago, we made the transition from Novell Server to a Microsoft environment. In those days we used Novell’s Zenworks to image the workstations and to offer software on desktops in the so-called NAL.

Because of take-overs and lack of clarity at Novell and the uncertain future of Zenworks, we moved on.

We bought Microsoft’s SCCM for imaging and started looking for a solution to offer the software on the desktops in an easy way again. That proved to be difficult with SCCM.

But we managed to do it with Easy Software Deployment. Thanks to Easy Software Deployment we are able to make the software available on the desktops in a very easy way.

This way, deploying and patching software and applications requires next to no time now. We can work with more flexibility, peace and oversight. Moreover, our systems are much safer thanks to the regular updates.

This also has a positive effect on the organization. For example, the work pressure at the helpdesk has significantly dropped, which means they have more time to solve problems of a different nature. If you ask me, Easy Software Deployment is a tool that lots of schools could use in order to get more done in less time.”

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