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Professional Approach

Easy Software Deployment is valued for being a professional approach to all deployment and update challenges on Windows devices. Our customers are IT professionals from all sectors and Managed Service Providers who care for their client’s systems. They benefit greatly from using Easy Software Deployment as a time- and cost saving tool that gives them control and flexibility in an easy way. But don’t take our word for it; listen to our customers’ stories.

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Frank van het Hof, Ubbo Emmius School

Learn why IT manager Frank van het Hof chose to purchase Easy Software Deployment despite the fact that he was already using Microsoft SCCM.

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User Based Deployment

Besides deploying to computers, you can also target and deploy to specific users and user groups (with or without Active Directory). Set an installation to install automatically at login or to be installed on demand. Add control script actions to manage the user workspace and apply application configuration on the fly.

Alle installatie technologien

All The Installation Technologies You Need

MSI, EXE, App-V, ThinApp, Shortcuts and Scripts, literally everything that can run on Windows can be deployed through Easy Software Deployment.

Super Fast Installation

Within seconds of adding your application it will be installed on your Windows devices.

Supersnelle installatie
Cloud Options3

Deploy To Devices Off The Company Network

Configure the applications you want to be available when off the company network with our easy to set up Cloud Options.

Software Metering

Software Metering allows you to view who is using what software at a glance. This way you’ll never pay for licenses that are not used.

Software Metering
Geen infra nodig

No Additional Infrastructure Needed!

No need to install databases or configure, optimize and manage. No back-end servers needed to install and host. Just a file share or two and you’re ready to rock & deploy!

Package Store

1000+ generic software packages ready to distribute. We keep it up to date for you. Simply choose and deploy is the only thing you need to do.

Package Store lijst

We Care

Easy Software Deployment supports VBS, PS1, CMD, BAT, App-V, MSI, EXE, ThinApp, shortcuts and scripts. In other words, there is no need to re-package or alter the original software. Our goal is to make deployment easier and solve difficulties for you so you can focus on your work. This is why we provide a free online session to help you implement Easy Software Deployment after you purchase it. Also, our support is standing by to assist you if you run into any questions. This is included in your license fee; there are no hidden charges along the way.
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