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Last Friday, we woke up very early: 4:30 am. Yes, you read that correctly. After picking up some colleagues and arriving at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht around 6:30 am, we started setting up our booth for AppManagEvent 2016. Oh, not after drinking lots of coffee first, of course…

 dsc_0249 dsc_0261

The most important part of our booth this year, was our Oculus Rift. A Virtual Reality headset. After our blog on how Virtual Reality (VR) will enter your work life and many hints on social media, it was time to finally present the AppManagEvent visitors our big surprise: a real VR experience of Easy Software Deployment. 

dsc_0257 image-8
We had many enthusiastic responses from those who experienced Easy Software Deployment in VR. They, like us, believed this would become the future and just needed a (VR?) keyboard to start deploying right there. Yes, it was that easy. 🙂 And we had a nice, and popular, give away this year: a Google Cardboard! So one could repeat the VR experience at home. 

dsc_0245 image-7

We ended our evening with a group dinner at lovely restaurant Kantien in Utrecht. Thank you all for dropping by and having a chat. And don’t forget to either request a free 30 day trial to experience Easy Software Deployment yourself and subscribe to our newsletter for awesome #SoftwareDeploymentTips and more. See you all next year!?

TL;DR: It was awesome!


So, did you enjoy this recap of AppManagEvent on our Software Deployment Tips blog?


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