Recap: our first ESD Baseline User Event!

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We could not stop smiling during the drinks when the official part of the event was over! We enjoyed everything so much. The awesome talks of our partners, the very interactive feedback & feature request session, but most of all: the utmost enthusiastic participation and responses from our attendees.

But let’s start at the beginning… A few months ago we figured we wanted to create an online community for users and non-users (potential new users, partners and other interested parties) of Easy Software Deployment. So they could interact with each other, share ideas, help each other out, etc. But also for us as a company, so we could listen and learn from them: fix bugs, offer support and listen to feature requests.

However, we also wanted to meet our users in real life instead of only online. We wanted to offer them an inspiring afternoon with the presentation of a recent client case, new Easy Software Deployment integrations and the possibility to provide us with their feedback and feature requests. We also wanted them to be the first to know about our new online community! And finally, the chance for them to meet and network with other users. So we started sending out invitations for the ESD Baseline User Event…

And they were met with great enthusiasm! So we rented out a very fancy location at Encore in Scheveningen to welcome everyone for this afternoon. First, our CEO Dereck Breuning welcomed our 25 guests and told a little bit about the history and growth of Easy Software Deployment and Provolve IT. He also explained why we were organizing this event and that it’s our intention to make this a recurring annual event. Next up was our Marketing Manager Yvonne van Zummeren. She presented the audience with some raw results from the online survey she recently conducted amongst system administrators. We’ll share more about the results of this survey in another blog later!

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Frank Klein – Call2

We figured that the ESD Baseline User Event was a great possibility to introduce some new and ongoing partnerships with other companies to our users.  The first partner to present during ESD Baseline User Event was Call2, represented by Frank Klein (Field Engineer). For their client, British School of Amsterdam (BSA), Call2 was looking for an easy to use and low cost software deployment solution. They turned to us for a partnership starting with BSA as a first client.

The environment of the BSA spans 3 offices, 145 employees, 910 students, 285 desktops. To manage this Call2 has set up a Servicedesk, an On Site Support team and takes care of the Systems and Network Administration and provides (offsite) application packaging services. For deployment of application packages they use Easy Software Deployment. In addition they set up Windows Deployment Services in conjunction with Easy Software Deployment to deliver a freshly installed machine in half of the time it took before using Easy Software Deployment. This is because they can now strip the applications from the image and deliver them based on specific membership roles.


Ronald Vonk- SparkeFlow

Next, SparkleFlow presented their integration with Easy Software Deployment. Owner and Managing Director Ronald Vonk was present during this event to present this integration between the two products.

SparkleFlow is the only product which keeps all aspects of application management in mind and always delivers a fitting solution because of the modular and flexible characteristics. SparkleFlow is a single-point-of-entry for all processes, information, documents and files related to application management.

During the presentation Ronald Vonk showed how to export application packages to Easy Software Deployment with a single press of a button, including all settings which have been made in SparkleFlow beforehand.


Renee Kloosterziel – Fikira

And finally, there was Fikira. From Fikira, Managing Director Renee Kloosterziel was present to talk about their Software Metering product. Renee held a short interactive poll with Kahoot to gauge the audience’s knowledge of Software Metering.

With the Fikira Software Metering Agent it’s possible to gain insights on who, when and which applications are being used on what systems. Because of this, license managers will be able easily execute the following primary tasks:

  • Identification of the by IT Operations managed software licenses;
  • Management of the by IT Operations managed software licenses;
  • Execution of preventive internal software licensing audits;
  • Guiding of software licensing audits on the by IT Operations managed software licenses;
  • Advising of decentralized IT departments regarding software licenses.

Fikira’s Software Metering product will include an integration with Easy Software Deployment. One of the main possibilities would be to easily whitelist applications deployed by Easy Software Deployment. Anything else will be handled as unmanaged and can be acted upon by license managers.

By combining forces with SparkleFlow and Fikira, Provolve IT can offer companies of all sorts a complete application management stack from the management of the workflow to the deployment and monitoring of applications.


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After the break, we figured we already talked enough and wanted to hear from you! It was time for the Feedback & Feature requests round. Like Renee before us, we also started with a Kahoot questionnaire. A really fun and easy way to generate interaction in a large group and to avoid an awkward silence when you ask a question and no one answers. 😉  Luckily, we had a very enthusiastic group that wasn’t shy of ventilating their much anticipated opinions.

Our first question was “What do you like about Easy Software Deployment”, with possible answers “That it’s easy” (52%), “That it’s fast” (12%), “That you can deploy both user and computer based” (24%) and “Something else” (12%). When asked about the “Something else”, our users mentioned our way of licensing (per device/per month) and that they’re a fan of Ferry, our Software Developer. 🙂

Secondly, we wanted to know what they didn’t like about Easy Software Deployment. They could choose either “Single user login” (31%), “No database” (38%), “Windows only” (13%) or “Something else” (18%). One of our users mentioned that particularly for larger companies, the use of a database within Easy Software Deployment would be a welcome feature.

In order to trigger some feature requests responses, we asked another multiple choice question: “What would you like to see in Easy Software Deployment”. The options being “Package shop” (20%), “OS Deployment” (53%), “More integrations” (20%) and “Something else” (7%). When asking for more details, our users would also like to see a public road map. To know what we’re working on. And a change in the UI: sometimes the letters were too small to read.

We also received compliments: many users are very happy with the provided support: easy to reach and excellent communication. And they themselves suggested that we should talk more about our successes, for example by sharing more user stories.

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  • Feedback & Feature Request Ronde

We absolutely value everyone’s opinions, ideas, compliments and criticism. And we want to do everything we can to create an environment where everyone feels at ease to share anything they want with us! And that’s just one of the many reason why we launched our new Baseline Community! Like we mentioned in the beginning, a place where community members can request peer-to-peer support, report bugs and feature requests and share experiences on both Easy Software Deployment as well as application packaging and deployment in general. See the movie below for the first enthusiastic responses immediately after the launch, and read here more about the Baseline Community and how to join. We’re looking forward to welcoming you!


And when the official part was over, there were drinks and bites! 🙂

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After the event, we conducted a little survey amongst our attendees on the event, and the results confirmed our feelings: that everyone had a great time and they would definitely visit next year again. See you next year!

Event Survey

On a scale of 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest)…

How would you overall rate the event? 7,8.

What is the chance you would visit the event again next year? 8,5.

What is the chance you would recommend others to visit the event next year? 7,9.

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