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#3: App-V Deployment in a jiffy

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Software Deployment Tips – App-V deployment

“We understand it can be a bit frightening…”

You are looking for ways to deploy App-V applications to your environment, but what is a good way to do this? Find the answer here, in our third Software Deployment Tips blog article on App-V deployment! Microsoft’s own powerful tooling SCCM can deploy these virtual applications to your machines and users. But have you ever tried setting this baby up and have you ever measured the steps in deploying an App-V to your machines / users? In this third Software Deployment Tips blog, we’ll show you easy App-V deployment.

When going through the list of prereqs and all the installation steps needed, we understand it can be a bit frightening. That’s even the case for us as software deployment and (re)packaging specialists who have done this many times. Look at this list of prereqs for installing SCCM 2012:

  • Domain Controller;
  • Extending Active Directory Schema for SCCM 2012 Domain Controllers;
  • ADSI-edit to install a server (say what?);
  • Install a bunch of windows features like IIS;MS SQL server and all its prereqs. don’t forget that SQL server can be a costly product!

And when these things are in place you still need to setup the App-V integration!

“This is why we love our product Easy Software Deployment so much!”

We had our thoughts and decided to implement App-V deployment within Easy Software Deployment, that should be a lot easier. Our prereqs?

  • Domain Controller
  • Windows share

Huh? What? Only 2 prereqs? Yes, seriously only 2 prereqs! This is why we love our product Easy Software Deployment so much!

Setting up a deployment system is one thing, now you need to deploy the App-V client to your machines, import applications to your collections etc. etc. The first time I had to do this and I had to create queries in SCCM in order for the software to be deployed to the correct systems and users, I was like: *sigh* not a query?!?!

With Easy Software Deployment you just create a group in Active directory and assign the application to this group. No looking up and testing queries, yay! For fun, let’s measure how many steps it takes to deploy an App-V package with SCCM 2012 and ESD.


Don’t believe us? Where does the number 12 come from? Just check our manual out here and see the Easy Software Deployment-screenshots below for example.

1 2 3

The 23 steps needed for SCCM2012 you can trust our extensive experience as software deployment and (re)packing specialists. Or maybe you can confirm this yourself when you will need to work with SCCM 2012 😉

Gotten curious about Easy Software Deployment 5.1 and want to use it yourself for App-V deployment? Feel free to send us an e-mail or check out our site. Make your life easier with Easy Software Deployment!

Software Deployment Tips is a recurring blog series about current news in the software/app world.
Each time we will handle a situation, which is important and relevant at that time, and we will show you how to quickly take care of it using Easy Software Deployment.

Written by Frank van Hoolwerff, our Senior Technical Consultant.


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