Recap: our first ESD Baseline User Event!

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We could not stop smiling during the drinks when the official part of the event was over! We enjoyed everything so much. The awesome talks of our partners, the very interactive feedback & feature request session, but most of all: the utmost enthusiastic participation and responses from our attendees. But let’s start at the beginning… A few months ago we …

We’re launching our ESD Baseline community!

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  During our first ESD Baseline User Event October 25th 2017, we also launched our ESD Baseline community! A community not only for those who already use Easy Software Deployment, but also for potential new users and other interested parties. Basically, we welcome everyone to join our community! 🙂 After the launch of the ESD Baseline community during the ESD …

[SURVEY🔎] Tell us about your software deployment experiences! (And you could win 💶 €100,-!)

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Hi there! A penny for your thoughts! Or actually, a chance for you to win € 100,- if you fill in our survey. 🙂 We would love to learn more about your software deployment activities and what you consider important regarding software deployment (tools). With the survey we hope to learn more about how software deployment tools are being used. And eventually, how we …

Windows deployment services

#6: Still BFF’s: Easy Software Deployment & Windows Deployment Services (Part 2)

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Part 2: How to deploy your software combining Easy Software Deployment & Windows Deployment Services. Remember our last blog where we showed you how to implement Easy Software Deployment with Windows Deployment Services? If you followed that article, as a result you now have a setup where you can deploy images and your software. 1. What kind of software deployment …

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3 Ways How Virtual Reality Will Enter Your Work Life

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This year at Gamescom, which is the biggest annual games trade show in Europe, VR (virtual reality) was the dominant way to play. PlayStation had a dedicated and huge VR booth, with just as dedicated and huge waiting lines consequently. During my visit, I had the chance to try PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift. On VR I tried two actual …

Software Deployment Tips

#5: Two new BFF’s: Easy Software Deployment & Windows Deployment Services (Part 1)

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Software Deployment Tips Part 1: Get it started. Windows Deployment Services (WDS) is a strong “free” tool for deploying Windows operating systems to your organization’s computers. Yet even with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT), there is no management of the “live system” when the deployment of the operating system is done. So, here in this fifth Software Deployment Tips blog we present …

Software Deployment Tips

#4: How to make Firefox deployment with user settings easy!

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Software Deployment Tips Internet Explorer, and now EDGE, you either love it or hate it”. But one of my favorite browsers is Mozilla Firefox. Firefox’s downside is, that it is nasty to manage in a bigger environment than your own workstation. Lucky me, because for Firefox deployment, I am using Easy Software Deployment. Let’s go and see in this fourth Software Deployment …

Software Deployment Tips

#3: App-V Deployment in a jiffy

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Software Deployment Tips – App-V deployment “We understand it can be a bit frightening…” You are looking for ways to deploy App-V applications to your environment, but what is a good way to do this? Find the answer here, in our third Software Deployment Tips blog article on App-V deployment! Microsoft’s own powerful tooling SCCM can deploy these virtual applications …

Software Deployment Tips

#2: Java Deployment - How to control it

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Software Deployment Tips – Java deployment In our first Software Deployment Tips blog, we showed you how to deploy an update to Adobe Flash. Another product that needs lots of updates for various reasons, is Oracle Java (previously Sun). Java is one of those little babies that keeps growing during life, and good management will make this the child that you …

Software Deployment Tips

#1: Flash Zero-Day: Easy Flash Deployment

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Software Deployment Tips – Flash deployment It’s Monday morning, you are dragging your sleepy self to your desk. Perhaps you gamed too much yesterday or drank a few beers watching the game. The first thing you do after logging in is opening your e-mail: there it is, an e-mail from the IT manager: “Hi Frank, There is a zero-day exploit on …